Sales and marketing firm, AJG Direct have revealed some exciting news about the new client they will be working with and the new campaigns they will develop.

MD Paul Gillett of AJG Direct revealed recently that the firm has started working with a brand new client within the finance industry. Paul Gillett has expressed his excitement to working with the new client and has outlined how he believes the firm’s event marketing campaigns will have a hugely positive impact on the client’s results.

AJG Direct specialise in a unique form of event marketing and develop personalised campaigns in order to increase their clients’ market reach. As event marketing specialists the firm organise fun and unique events which directly capture the attention of consumers, informing them about the brand and offer valuable information to help the consumer make an educated decision on which product or service is right for them. The firm have access to events across the UK that will help to increase their client’s market reach and generate a high return on investment.

Paul Gillett of AJG Direct is confident that this new campaign will be a huge success and is hopeful that this will lead to further opportunities for them within the finance sector and beyond. AJG Direct is always looking to expand into new areas as they believe this offers them the chance to grow as a business and develop new skills.

AJG Direct choose to use event marketing as they state it is particularly effective at generating interest from consumers. Paul Gillett highlights how the personalised touch that event marketing provides helps to generate incredible results and leads to consumers returning to the brand again and again. The firm outline how in today’s technological business world many consumers are frustrated when they are unable to talk to a real person to find out the information they need to make a decision on what is right for them. However, event marketing allows consumers to deal with a real person, therefore cutting out the frustration and giving those answers straight away.

AJG Direct is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in London. The firm specialise in unique event marketing techniques in order to establish long-lasting and personal relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients. AJG Direct offers a ‘no win – no fee’ guarantee which helps to deliver a high return on investment for their clients.