AJG Direct: The people who proved you don’t need good grades to make it big

June 20, 2018
June 20, 2018 admin

Advocates of entrepreneurship, AJG Direct know from experience that good grades don’t guarantee success.

Direct marketing firm, AJG Direct is a small business that specialises in a personalised form of event marketing. The firm is one of the fastest growing sales and marketing companies in the UK and works with people from a variety of educational and occupational backgrounds.

As advocates of entrepreneurship, AJG Direct believes that there are more important qualities than exam results and qualifications. The firm puts less focus on academic qualifications and more on the right type of attitude plus the personal characteristics of the individual. AJG Direct highlights that there are plenty of successful people who have proven that success can come, even it school grades weren’t very good.

Firstly, Sir Richard Branson dropped out of school aged 16 to go and start his first business, a magazine called
‘Student’. Today, he is the owner of Virgin Group and owns over 200 companies in 30 countries around the world.

Lord Alan Sugar, star of The Apprentice and Amstrad founder, is worth about £1.4 billion and has only 1 GCSE.

Deborah Meaden, best known for her role on Dragon’s Den, is today worth £40 million. She left school without finishing her A-Levels and instead chose to study business at university.

‘There is an insane amount of pressure from society and family to get good grades at school so you can continue to get a good job and steady employment’ said a spokesperson for AJG Direct.

‘But in reality, school grades aren’t that important, and some of the most successful entrepreneurs didn’t do well at school. Bill Gates is the world’s richest person and is it also a Harvard drop-out. Here at AJG Direct, we value personal characteristics much more over educational qualifications because we think they mean more in the working world’ added the company spokesperson.

AJG Direct is a direct marketing firm based in London that creates personalised, face-to-face marketing campaigns for their clients. The company offer a unique Business Development Opportunity to individuals from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. As supporters of entrepreneurship, the firm believes that education and exam results aren’t the be all and end all, and even if a person doesn’t do well at school, that does not mean they can’t make a success of their life.


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