New research reveals that despite the fact that British SMEs agree that leadership is crucial to business success; two out of five do not provide the relevant leadership training. AJG Direct’s Paul Gillett says these figures are alarming and prompts British entrepreneurs to take immediate action.

According to new research undertaken by Close Brothers Asset Finance, 41 percent of the UK’s small and medium-sized enterprises do not provide any management training. This is despite the fact that 83 percent of SMEs believe that strong leadership is crucial to drive business success. Outsourced sales and marketing firm AJG Direct finds the results of this new research alarming. “The figures of this study are contradictory,” says Paul Gillett, MD of AJG Direct. “Businesses admit that there is a need to drive people, to motivate and inspire them. Nevertheless, many SMEs do not take appropriate action and put their business at risk,” adds Paul Gillett.


At the moment, only one fifth, 42 percent, of business owners across Great Britain say they received the suitable amount of training on the job or formal leadership training. 39 percent claim they became business owners without undergoing the relevant leadership training. “Leadership is an important quality that directs people and if done well, others will buy into the company’s vision and help achieve business goals. This is what leads to long-term success,” explains AJG Direct’s MD Paul Gillett. “By not providing training to managers, businesses risk failure.” AJG Direct’s Paul Gillett says business owners must take responsibility. Gaining and teaching appropriate leadership skills can help them create a winning atmosphere within their organisation and engage and motivate people.


AJG Direct is an outsourced sales and marketing company based in London. MD Paul Gillett says: “It is our vision to become the UK’s most paramount sales and marketing firm by achieving great results and systematically increasing the market share of our clients. This is only possible by creating a positive culture and providing people with the relevant skills and guidance in order to achieve business success.” AJG Direct support the development of management skills among their contractors and cover topics such as Time Management, Effective Leadership, Engagement, Motivating Others, Networking, Goal Setting and Campaign Management.