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Paul Gillett never wanted to be average. He established AJG Direct to become an industry pioneer, and in a recent interview, he reveals the five changes he made to become a high achiever.

Business and entrepreneurship are not something that is taken light-heartedly. Mr Gillett recalls how he took his career to the next level to become a high achiever and an inspirer of others. In a recent workshop the frequent guest speaker shared his tips on how to reach full potential in business:

1. Create a personal philosophy.

Use this to base all decisions on. It should incorporate personal and company values.  This philosophy remains constant regardless of the environment or task it should confirm the integrity of the individual and boost personal branding.

2. Get out of the comfort zone.

Professionals that put their reputation at stake or challenge a competitor in the public domain will force action and boost productivity.  Instead of fearing the challenge tackle it head on and visualise winning, suggests Mr Gillett

3. Train your brain for optimism.

Optimism is a learnt behaviour. By practising positive thinking, the brain can be taught to naturally focus on solutions and success.  Concentrating on surrounding projects and activities with positive people, it will boost capabilities and boost results.

4. Pay attention to recovery. 

Paul Gillett believes that it is vital to protect the body and mind. Adopting a good sleeping habit, a healthy diet, regular exercise and mental wellbeing, Mr Gillett states that a person can achieve sustainable success.  Burnout is all too frequent in business, so it is crucial to take good care of the mind an body to build up an awareness of overwhelming stress.

5. Be driven, but avoid attachment.

During the workshop, Mr Gillett explained why it is important for professionals to use their failures as opportunities to learn. He always encourages his contractors to look for areas where change may of, offered a better outcome. Be conscious enough not to replicate mistakes, don’t internalise negative thoughts as they are detrimental to performance.

AJG Direct is committed to developing entrepreneurs to become the industry’s next top talent, by enhancing abilities they are not only offering their clients the best service but also increasing their future capabilities to expand market reach and provide additional services. 

The firm will continue to provide workshops to inspire, educate and upskill their staff and contractors.


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