AJG run September incentive for South Africa trip

September 26, 2018
September 26, 2018 admin

The successful sales and marketing firm have announced that they will be taking their top performer to South Africa next month for the prestigious industry awards.

AJG Direct is always on the lookout for opportunities to add enrichment to their teams time with the firm. Often invited to awards and conferences there is usually a ticket up for grabs for the highest performing individual at that time. The firm was excited to announce they will be attending the Annual South Africa Sales Awards in Johannesburg on October 5th. Paul Gillett CEO of AJG Direct has announced he will be taking one lucky person with him to enjoy the event and join him as he visits top performing sales offices in South Africa.

In a recent interview, a spokesman for the firm stated “we are extremely excited to be running this incentive. As a firm, we have had great success with every top performer who has won this incentive in the past as they have all gone on to run their own successful business.” The trip offers a unique chance to spend time with not only the CEO and make a great impression and learn more about the firm, but it also provides an opportunity to network with leaders from other markets and gather a deeper understanding of how to drive results. This trip will be an opportunity for the lucky winner to network with some of the industry’s most successful figures and hear some of the inspirational stories behind their success.

Incentives similar to this one has always been a success for the firm, engagement levels spike, sales standards rise, and development accelerates as the team fight for the exclusive opportunity to win. The chance to gain a broader understanding of the industry and see what can be achieved when they are determined and work hard. Working towards such a big prize is an excellent tool for the staff and contractors as they stretch their boundaries and focus on results, eliminating fear in the process. The competitive nature of AJG Direct relishes challenges that require consistency and drive to succeed. Paul Gillett is looking forward to spending one on one time with the winner and mentoring them on how to accelerate their journey to campaign management.

The winner will be announced on the 20th of September in the morning meeting; the firm wishes all their staff and contractors the best of luck as they try and win the trip tickets.


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