AJG Direct consider how sports entrepreneurs are changing the shape of business

October 24, 2017
October 24, 2017 admin

For years the similarities between sportspeople and entrepreneurs have been highlighted, now AJG Direct is intrigued by research into how sports personalities are paving their way in business after achieving success in sports.

Keen sports fans AJG Direct are often on the lookout for sports-minded individuals, they understand all too well how adaptive they can be in the world of business, carrying across many traits that will more often than not lead to success.   Paul Gillett of London’s premier Marketing specialist AJG Direct is confident all business leaders should listen now before it’s too late.

AJG Direct shares top sporting personalities who have mastered branding:

David Beckham- Back in the early days it would be difficult to match the under-experienced young footballer versus the business mogul he has become today.  He understands his position of power as a well-known household name, showing resilience during that world cup where his career looked over he bounced back and rebuilt his name focussing on projects that held social value and added back into local communities.  His brand is now worth more than 450 Million Dollars as he endorses products and is a charity spokesperson.

Venus Williams – World famous tennis player turned entrepreneur.  With many sporting accolades behind her, she turned her attention to starting her interior design firm, becoming an author, and even launching her fashion line.  By taking her commitment and passion for becoming an expert in any field she has made a success post-retirement.

Tony Hawk – A skateboarding pro at 14, he entered 100 competitions during his career winning 73 and coming second in 19.  He took this success to business in 1999 when he launched Tony Hawk Pro Skater with Activision, the game and future releases mean that he’s number 1 for all video gaming systems.  Understanding the commitment, it takes to be a success, he turned his hand to his clothing line, skateboarding company and becoming an author.

To conclude, AJG Direct understand the importance of building a strong reputation for delivering results, alongside that a sense of expertise and work ethic are developed naturally.  For all these top athletes, it has attributed to their ability to achieve success.  When mentoring young entrepreneurs Paul Gillett explains the importance of delivering consistently high results and the positive impact this has on future opportunities and personal brand.  These top athletes are great examples of how becoming an expert will help in business.


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