AJG Direct Highlight Success Traits they Seek in New Graduates

September 22, 2017
September 22, 2017 admin

Striving to boost their recruitment strategy, AJG Direct reveal what traits they are seeking when they are filling their graduate roles.

As a sales and marketing specialist, AJG Direct understands to reach their maximum potential they need to attract and maintain the best workforce available.  An expansion was the order of play for the firm, and as they enter the final quarter of 2017, they are pushing their recruitment goals to the next level.  The firm has managed to seek out some of the industry’s top talent and to bring them on board.  With their in-house recruiter, the company is set to have their most successful period to date.

AJG Direct reveal the top traits they look for in their interviewing process:

  1. Being able to embrace persistence – failure at some stage is inevitable, it is how people bounce back, adapt and retry that signifies their character. It’s not unusual for candidates to be asked to identify a time when they failed, and what happened next.
  2. Knowing how to set realistic goals they can achieve – people who are destined for success understand the importance of setting goals, they start each day with a new plan in their mind. It’s vital to record goals, set out a plan and continue to revisit in case it needs adjusting to maintain relevance to current projects and long-term goals.
  3. They see opportunities to bend the trends – entrepreneurs should always be on the lookout to improve current business models and products. Its the strive for perfection that reassures the firm that they are destined for success.
  4. Being a lifelong learner – by understanding that learning doesn’t end at school. They’re always striving to boost their personal and professional development. The firm runs weekly workshops on developing new skills and exploring different theories on entrepreneurs and business. With growth always on the horizon the company needs everyone to be focused on reaching the next level in their careers.

Based in London, AJG Direct is a sales and marketing firm that offer cost-effective direct marketing solutions for the brands they represent. Through face-to-face communications at their events the firm aim to maximise their client’s exposure, brand awareness and customer base.

Due to the firm’s highly interactive business model, they are constantly aiming to leave consumers feeling more positive than before and believe that their success lies in building lasting relationships and meaningful connections between their clients and their consumers.  Therefore by packing their teams with the best traits allows them to relax once they start working independently.

Current opportunities can be found on their website.


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