AJG Direct Takes Inspiration from career advice from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner

October 26, 2017
October 26, 2017 admin

With significant success under his belt, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner’s top three career tips are unmissable in AJG Directs’ workshop this week.

AJG Direct take their position as mentors to up and coming entrepreneurs seriously and are often approached for career advice, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has experienced remarkable success so far, and the direct marketing specialist shares his career advice to inspire others.  After graduating from Wharton School of Business, Jeff ‘s career boasted top executive positions with prominent companies including Yahoo and Warner Bros. showing a passion for technology he co-founded LinkedIn with Reid Hoffman. 2011 saw Hoffman and Jeff Weiner win Ernest Youngs national entrepreneur of the year award, and 2014 Weiner found recognition in the top 10 CEOs of U.S Tech companies chart.

In a recent New York Times interview Jeff was asked what career advice he offers others who are inspired by his success, his top three tips included:

  1. “Know what you want to accomplish.” Everyone has a vague idea of where their personal goals lie, but those who will achieve success are the ones where their goals are defined with a clear action plan for success. The key is to have the long-term vision that can be supported by the short-term motivation to overcome obstacles that are strategically placed along the way to success.

When asked what his future self, wanted to have accomplished in 30 years Jeff answered; “Know what it is you ultimately want to accomplish, optimizing for passions and skills, and not one without the other. Also, be open to allowing outside forces to help clarify, reinforce, and facilitate the path to making it happen.”

  1. “Surround yourself with the best talent.” Proven we are shaped by our environments, choose the inner circle carefully to ensure the energies surrounding match those wanted for the personal brand. It is vital to share own goals to ensure those around will support and offer opportunities to advance with these goals.

“It’s about everyone you’re associated with, day in and day out. Surround yourself with only the best you can find,” Weiner said. This mirrors the iconic quote by American Author and entrepreneur Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

  1. “Always be learning.” Those who strive to be lifelong learners will achieve sustainable success, for those who believe they can get by on dated knowledge and understanding will reach a maximum of their career potential according to Weiner, “The world moves too quickly now to rest on the knowledge we gained earlier in our lives.”

Committed to developing a culture to boost success, AJG Direct are confident their development opportunities incorporate the top three tips from Jeff Weiner.  For anyone looking to establish a career in marketing the firm encourage them to check out the careers section on their website for current opportunities.


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