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AJG Direct Review Methods for Persuasive Success in the Marketing World

Whether the goal is to fill an arena, sell a product or provide some other service in the world of business, it is essential to be persuasive. Marketing agencies and those who work alongside them understand the need for persuasion and why it is so important to the overall concept of marketing. In essence, marketing is persuasion, so it makes sense that every brand wants to be on its A-game with respect to effectively convincing clients, customers and even other firms of various concepts. Here, AJG Direct review methods of persuasion that can help generate marketing success between firms for networking success, as well as strategies for maximising marketing prowess in events and beyond.

The number one principle behind persuasion relates to the concept of addressing others’ needs first. Many brands may attempt to frame the argument by focusing on the brand’s desires, but this is never a good idea. What is in it for the buyer, partner or attendee? AJG Direct’s Director, Paul Gillett, was clear about this concept in a recent interview. “Whether it’s a client or prospective customer, the focus must be entirely on them. What will they gain from the experience, event or transaction, and what is the trade-off?”, he responded. With respect to proper marketing strategies that are persuasive, it is a one-way street when illustrating benefits.

Another crucial component in event planning and other forms of marketing is to find ways to always accommodate potential critics. In many cases, the criticisms may be unfounded or irrelevant, but addressing them can go a long way toward improving brand image and increasing the chances of a successful campaign. Communication is always the most important element when handling critics; in many cases, a thoughtful dialogue can serve as an alternative to changing concrete plans and methods for promoting or holding various events.

Last but definitely not least, communicating with other individuals in the world of marketing is essential. AJG Direct has emphasised the need to be open and accommodating with other marketing professionals when engaging in B2B and networking situations. Similar to accommodating criticism, it is always essential to take into account others’ opinions and treat them positively. By being open to new ideas and expressing interest in what other marketing professionals have to say, persuasion on a variety of levels then becomes possible. This is why AJG Direct and other leading marketing brands focus diligently on hearing what others have to say, taking their comments into consideration, and inevitably delivering results that please everyone involved.

AJG Direct Discuss the Importance of Innovation in Business Success

Within recent years the outlook for many businesses had been grim but within just the past 12 months the economy has done an amazing turnaround and businesses are more optimistic than they have been since the early 1960’s.  However, AJG Direct will be the first to advise them that the key to business success lies not solely in optimism but a through a strong and focused emphasis on innovation.

Managing director of AJG Direct, Paul Gillett, notes that cycles in product development have been significantly reduced from previous expectancies of a few years to every few months. “This is largely due to rapid advances in technology such as the refinement of 3D printing and in order to stay a cut ahead of the competition it is necessary to have a focused strategy on innovation,” Paul says.

As a direct marketing firm that works with literally tens of thousands of consumers each and every week through face-to-face live marketing events, AJG Direct is privy to the latest advances in technology. They represent clients in every industry and are seeing that new and innovative products are surfacing “at breakneck speeds, it seems like almost by the day,” Paul remarks.

According to a report released by KPMG, business owners in the UK expect taxes to remain lower and only 2% of those surveyed stated that they feel there will be any major issues stemming from taxes within the coming couple of years. With lower taxes and higher revenues, AJG Direct urges UK businesses to heavily invest in innovations within their industry if they want to stay competitive.

“We pride ourselves on being an elite and ultra-highly successful sales office  but we can only do so much with products that are outdated and outmoded. Our clients know our passion for growing their bottom line as we have proven time and time again that we can outsell our competition by a country mile. When we make a suggestion for greater ROI or product improvements that will appeal to the majority of customers, they take us quite seriously.”

Innovation is the key to rapid growth but one of the problems which many businesses face is in finding the workers to produce the products they are developing. Paul explains that to meet the demand for qualified workers, many companies are re-establishing long-forgotten apprenticeship programmes whilst others are looking to invest in training (and advancing) from within – the split being approximately 50/50.

AJG Direct has gained a reputation for being a phenomenally successful marketing firm. With a passion for customer acquisition and retention, they know how to capture ever-increasing market shares and this advice is just one small example of their solid grasp of what it takes to survive and grow in a highly competitive marketplace.

AJG Direct Expose the Secret to Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Although there is no secret to being an entrepreneur, there does seem to be those oft-hidden qualities that differentiate a successful entrepreneur from your run-of-the-mill businessperson. AJG Direct is a direct marketing firm that understands success, having earned their fair share of the market with innovative entrepreneurial skills. Here, Paul Gillet, director of AJG Direct exposes the ‘secret’ to being a successful entrepreneur.

“The first aspect of what it takes to be an entrepreneur is one that everyone understands. An entrepreneur is a self-motivated individual who finds solutions to problems. One of the leading reasons why so many people venture out into the world of the self-employed is because they found problems in the industry where they were working but had no ultimate authority to address the situation. In order to provide a better way of doing things for consumers, they ventured out on their own. This basic entrepreneurial quality is well known and well understood,” says Paul.

However, a highly successful entrepreneur doesn’t let it stop there. He or she is constantly striving to seek other problems to address. Why stop at being good if you can be great and why let your end-game be greatness when you can reign supreme? That’s one of the often misunderstood qualities of super-successful entrepreneurs. They don’t stop growing just because they had a run of success. A successful entrepreneur never reaches the ‘pinnacle’ of his or her career because there is always another mountain to climb up ahead. Upon reaching that summit they tackle the higher one farther down the range and so it continues.

“You also need to be willing to invest in yourself. If you have a dream, follow it,” Paul remarks. “You need to have faith in yourself before you can expect others to buy into your dream and that often means putting your money where your mouth is. Consumers are savvier than you think and if you are unwilling to invest in your own endeavours, they will quickly tire of listening to you and move on to the next product or service.”

Consider the number of entrepreneurs who sacrificed everything they owned to finance a company based on their certainty that they were onto something big. If you take the time to research many of the leading mega-corporations in existence today, you will see that most of them began with a dream and a person or group of people who believed in that dream.

AJG Direct also understands that there may be times when the idea was right but the times were wrong. Paul says, “Just because you had a setback doesn’t mean you need to give up your dream. Step back, refocus and look at what was lacking. Was it in design or in market response? The one secret to being a successful entrepreneur which many people are unwilling to accept is that they may need to pick up the pieces of a failed attempt and start over as many times as needed.”

A successful entrepreneur believes in his/her vision and will endure to the end. That is the true sign of an entrepreneur and one that sets you apart from the crowd. The secret is really just that simple – believe in yourself.

AJG Direct Explain How Customers Want Content Delivered to Them

For years marketing professionals have been trying to determine the best way to reach a highly targeted audience through direct marketing in a way that will engage them and make them receptive to buying. What has come to light is that consumers simply want to choose how and when they receive content and face-to-face marketing has become so successful. Here, AJG Direct explain how customers want content delivered to them and why direct marketing is the way to accomplish this.

Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct says, “Have you ever noticed how commercials are so much louder than the television show you are watching? Of course everyone knows that sponsors demand this of the networks because most viewers use this time to run to the loo, get a quick drink and maybe even check the kids who are asleep in their beds. Knowing this, wouldn’t you think businesses would take another look at how they are appropriating their advertising budget?”

According to market research, 86% of television viewers don’t watch the commercials. If you wonder why companies continue to spend money on TV commercials, what about direct mailings? At least 44% of those goes without ever being opened and to add even more disparaging information, 91% of those receiving email subscriptions opt out of those they had chosen to receive.

“The reason for this is really quite simple,” says Paul, “and a wonder why it hasn’t been more thoroughly addressed in the past. People simply want to be in control of the content delivered to them. With the preponderance of commercials that aren’t relevant to them, of course they will tune them out. Face to face marketing, on the other hand, is highly focused on demographics and presented in such a way that the consumer is engaged.”

Direct marketing  can engage consumers in a two-way conversation. They can discuss products and services, ask questions, find out what interests a potential buyer and address any concerns they may have. Few people buy for the sake of buying so face-to-face engagement is vital. “We seek to find out what they want, what they need and give it to them.”

Salesmen have always worked to ‘create a need’ in the market so that they can sell the ‘fix’ to consumers. This is why interactive marketing is so successful and why more and more businesses are outsourcing their sales.

AJG Direct Review Smart Consumer Decisions and the Financial Industry Rebound

Practically all industries took a large hit in the global recession of 2008-2009, but fewer were hit harder in terms of confidence and net worth than the finance industry. As consumers scrambled to salvage their savings and faced unprecedented struggles in their day-to-day lives, financial industry analysts saw it a tough sell to convince consumers to reinvest their dwindling savings elsewhere. As such, the marketing industry took a hit in this area as well; things are on the mend, however, as the economy continues to grow. AJG Direct review how smart consumer decisions – combined with strong marketing approaches – are helping the financial industry rebound.

Consumers had to become savvier with their money and their investments in the wake of the recession, which is something AJG Direct Director Paul Gillett knows all too well. “The drop-off in financial marketing was the largest I’ve ever seen in any industry. Many of these guys were even afraid for their names to be out there in such a hostile climate”, he was quoted as saying. Inevitably, people managed to be resourceful, and the economy now looks much more promising for consumers, finance and marketing alike.

In order to stimulate the market again, many credit card companies began offering extensive rewards and travel cards that featured benefits not seen on most cards prior. Cashback solutions became commonplace, travel insurance became almost a de-facto feature, and the nature of reward points helped convince many consumers to begin spending again, albeit at lower levels initially. Stability has been restored – in particular to the credit market – as a result of consumers using their credit cards more conservatively and paying off levels of debt previously unseen. While some in the finance world lamented this due to lower overall demand in the industry and economy, AJG Direct and other marketing firms see it as a positive trend.

“The more stability that exists in the financial sector, the stronger our relations with the industry can be”, said Paul Gillett. “It’s hard to provide a service when the industry is in free-fall, so slow but steady growth is good for consumers, good for us and good for our clients”. As the economy continues to accelerate globally, the overall trend of the past three years is expected to intensify. Marketing leaders such as AJG Direct that handle extensive campaigns for financial clients understand that smart consumer behaviour inevitably means better days for all parties involved.

AJG Direct Look Forward to the National Direct Marketing Awards

Direct marketing is quickly gaining momentum as an increasing number of global businesses invest in outsourcing their sales to professional direct marketing companies. By placing the sales end of their business in the hands of marketing experts, they hope to significantly increase their client base whilst improving customer relations with their current clients. AJG Direct agree that this type of marketing is proving to be the most effective way to grow a business quickly because of the increased exposure provided by specialists who are expert in building brand recognition.

AJG Direct is proud of their Director, Paul Gillett, who is being honoured at the National Direct Marketing Awards. Paul is set to receive one of the coveted top achiever awards, but he is emphatic about the fact that he couldn’t have done it alone. “I am highly honoured to be awarded as a top achiever but it was a effort that brought me this far. That’s what direct marketing is all about, working together, and I have a great office to work with. Together we create new customers for our clients and help them to achieve new heights in their business ventures.”

It is the goal of AJG Direct to become the biggest direct marketing company, not only in the UK, but throughout all of Europe as well. They even set their sights on global markets and have contacts far afield to promote businesses in ever increasing markets. “With our office members at AJG Direct, the sky is the limit and we intend to take our clients with us to the very ends of the universe. We are passionate about what we do, enjoy every success our clients achieve and give 100% effort to taking them to new levels they could only imagine before.”

One of the main obstacles to business growth is in finding ways to effectively reach new markets. With a well-rounded approach including digital as well as conventional marketing techniques, it is possible to reach ever greater numbers of people. That much is fact. However, with the addition of a direct marketing approach, it becomes possible to give prospective customers a voice, a face behind the brand. Direct marketing is all about making sales personal, meeting with and talking to customers in the real world.

This could be from a telecommunications room, a major event, email communications and other forms of contact where people communicate with people. Paul Gillett says that “We are all about people. We know what they want and we talk to them, not just at them like so many other kinds of advertising companies. By placing your sales in our hands we will bring it to real people who have real needs and real wants that we can meet.” Direct marketing is proving to be the missing link in advertising and top achiever Paul Gillett and the entire AJG Direct office are thrilled to be a part of it.

AJG Direct Review a New Way to Promote Independent Businesses

The high street and shopping malls, not to mention the business news in our media, may still be dominated by the established big retailers, but there’s a revolution going on, and it’s being driven by the rise of independent businesses. The last few years have seen more and more small, and often creative, businesses being formed across the UK and, as an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post reveals, a clever new app can help consumers find them. Here, AJG Direct review the article and look at the benefits that the Radius app can bring.

“In recent years, increasing numbers of people have realised the freedom and rewards that being an entrepreneur can bring”, said Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct. “This has led to a sharp increase in the number of small independent businesses, and it also brings with it increased competition. This exciting new app can transform the Leeds business scene by putting consumers in touch with independent businesses in their own locale.”

Radius is the brainchild of Leeds based entrepreneurs David and Sarah Laycock. Their company Leeds Ventures is designed to improve the visitor experience of people within the city, and this new app will certainly help. It uses Google Maps to show users all of the independent businesses in their vicinity within ten minutes walking distance, and it updates automatically during their travels.

The app recognises the importance of independent businesses, especially in a growing and cosmopolitan city like Leeds with a young population. Without the app, people looking for independent and creative outlets may struggle to find them, but Radius can help create a real synergy between the traders and their ideal customers. Developed by David Simmonds, the app is further evidence of Leeds’ growing reputation for cutting edge digital solutions.

“It’s small businesses that are behind the continued growth of the UK economy, so anything that helps them thrive has to be good news for the country as a whole”, said Paul Gillett. “That’s why I think Radius will be a huge success and it’s certainly something that I’ll be using myself. It’s also perfectly suited to expand into cities such as London, Manchester, and Edinburgh.”

Businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors, can benefit from the direct marketing expertise of AJG Direct. Their made to measure campaigns yield high quality new customers, and provide real returns on investment.

AJG Direct Look Forward to Doing Business in London

The United Kingdom economy is outperforming its European neighbours, as it continues to grow again after the global economic downturn. The green shoots of recovery can be seen all across the nation, from Penzance to Aberdeen, but it’s being led by the spectacular success of the capital itself. Here, AJG Direct reveal their reasons for opening an office in London, and the advantages it will bring to themselves and their clients.

“As a company who can provide high return marketing services to businesses across the United Kingdom, it made sense to open a London office”, said Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct. “It’s a move that’s already paying dividends. London is a city that’s on the march, and an air of entrepreneurism is all around it. There’s no doubt that London’s economy will continue to grow and expand, and that this in turn will bring benefits for the country as a whole.”

The population of London continues to grow, and some of the world’s top businessmen are making their home there. As well as the large permanent population that it enjoys, it’s also becoming one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Official figures for 2013, released in May last year, show that over 17 million tourists visited the capital that year. This is a record figure, and up by over 1.3 million on the previous twelve months, which in itself had enjoyed the advantage of the London Olympics. This is great news for businesses in London, as it means that there’s a huge market of potential consumers waiting for their products and services.

It’s been said for centuries that the streets of London are paved with gold, and ambitious and forward thinking entrepreneurs are finding that’s certainly the case today. London has become a world centre of excellence for fashion and for retail, with independent businesses holding their own against global multi-nationals. It’s also noted for its IT and technology start ups, centred around the famous Silicon Roundabout. This ensures that whatever the future holds, London will be at the very forefront.

“There are huge opportunities for entrepreneurs across the UK, but especially so in London”, said Paul Gillett. “With the right sales and marketing support, they can make a real impact on the expanding and lucrative London market.”

Businesses in London and beyond can benefit from the sales and marketing expertise of AJG Direct. Their bespoke marketing campaigns yield new customers and real brand growth.

AJG Direct Examine the Importance of Testing

Launching a new product or service is a very exciting time for an entrepreneur, and mirrors the excitement of the unknown that came when they initially launched their business. Whilst entrepreneurs always have to be prepared to take this step into the unknown, that doesn’t mean that they have to do it blindfolded as well. Here, AJG Direct reveal the importance of testing in the world of business.

“Thorough and effective testing is essential, whether you’re in manufacturing or the service sector”, said Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct. “We’ve recently started working with a new client in London. It’s an exciting client, and an exciting project, but we know that by carrying out pre-testing before the campaign goes live, we’ll achieve even better results for our client and for ourselves.”

Take a look at some of the great products in our world: from the iPhone to the internet, and from the Ferrari to the Segway. What connects them all? The fact that they came about as the result of hard work and thorough testing. When you develop the first prototype of a product, it can be so thrilling that you want to get it in front of the public straight away. It’s your baby, and you’re proud of it, but like all babies, it can have its teething problems. Make sure that your product or service is as good as it can possibly be before launching it to the public; in this way you can avoid the reputational damage that results from products that are less than perfect.

What’s the best way to test a product? It begins in house of course, but it shouldn’t end there. To see how a product or service really performs it needs to be looked at by people who have no prior familiarity with it. This is where market research becomes so valuable. Having a select group of members of the public to look at your product will give you a clear indication of its strengths and weaknesses. It’s essential to listen to this feedback, because it allows you to fine tune your product and make it the best it can possibly be.

“Market research is a very powerful tool, and it goes hand in hand with direct marketing”, said Paul Gillett. “Direct marketing and events based marketing not only provide a great way to boost brand awareness and increase sales, they also enable you to show new products to consumers, and hear what they honestly think about it. This can make campaigns even more successful and rewarding.”

AJG Direct are direct marketing experts. Their bespoke campaigns improve customer acquisition figures and provide returns on investment to clients in London, Leeds, and beyond.

AJG Direct Review the Top Branding Strategies Used By Big Businesses

When a business is new, or in its infancy, it makes sense to look at how other companies have achieved success, and to follow their example. This is particularly pertinent when it comes to branding. Creating a strong and recognisable brand can make all the difference between success and failure, especially in our competitive market. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine revealed five branding strategies used by big businesses. Here, AJG Direct review the article, and look at the lessons that can be taken from it.

“It’s always good to think about the brands you love, and consider what it is that makes them so appealing”, said Paul Gillett, director of AJG Direct. “However big your company is, there are lessons that can be taken from leading companies. As this excellent article shows, the strategies that big businesses adopt when it comes to branding can also pay real dividends for small and medium enterprises.”

Many start up entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that building a brand consists simply of picking a logo, or choosing the colour of their lettering. By spending some time creating a strong brand identity, an entrepreneur has much more chance of being noticed by the public. This is vital to gain the success that your product or service deserves. The first lesson given by the article relates to Coca-Cola, one of the most recognisable brands of them all. The same font and colours are used throughout everything they do, creating a strong and unified identity. Always ensure that your business does the same.

The next lesson is to have a brand czar that oversees everything to do with the brand, or that could impact upon the brand. This could be the founding entrepreneur themselves, but it’s important that they ensure that everything that leaves the company reflects and enhances the brand standard. Lesson three is to embrace storytelling. Engage with consumers, and create interesting stories that they really want to hear. When this happens, you’ll quickly find that consumers share your stories, and your brand. This can, and should, involve being part of the wider community, and taking an interest in what’s happening there. The final lesson is to take advantage of all the data available, and use it to find out how successful your branding really is.

“A strong brand will lead to a strong company, so it should be at the heart of all you do”, said Paul Gillett. “Remember that your brand isn’t just what you look like as a business, it’s what you do. Create good news stories about your company, and ensure that consumers hear about them.”

AJG Direct are experts in direct marketing, bringing good news to their clients with a growth in customer acquisition, enhanced brand awareness, and an increased bottom line.

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