Sales and marketing firm AJG Direct has revealed their 6 top tips for entrepreneurs to set themselves apart and become the greatest entrepreneur they can be.

In a world of endless opportunity and continuous industry advancement, more and more people are pursuing the life of becoming a business entrepreneur. Not everyone that sets out to achieve this dream will do so successfully. However, there are some who do reach that dream and do so very well. AJG Direct explain how it takes a special type of person to thrive as an entrepreneur and give their 6 tips to set themselves apart from the rest.

AJG Direct firmly believes that by following the 6 major don’ts outlined by successful entrepreneurs, any budding entrepreneur will be able to thrive and, in the future, achieve success. Although some of the suggestions may seem simple, they are all crucial to success.

  1. They don’t watch their emails

Studies conducted by Atos Origin revealed that the average member of staff spend 40% more time checking their emails than they spend doing their work. This is a waste of valuable time, money and resources. Any budding entrepreneur will understand the importance of time and how valuable it can be. The best advice for managing emails to set time throughout the day, 5-10 minutes to manage their inbox and use the rest of their time to focus on the matters at hand.

  1. They don’t attend too many meetings

Many business leaders share the opinion that business meetings are pointless unless a check is being exchanged. Any up and coming entrepreneurs need to remember that unless meetings are going to provide a direct benefit to their business, they are a waste of time. Any meetings that are held or attended should be kept short and straightforward. Get the main point discussed and end the meeting.

  1. They don’t get too busy to think

It is easy to overload a working day with so many tasks that the time to think is lost. However, this has a significant negative impact on productivity and success. Most successful entrepreneurs such as Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, plan thinking time into their days. Time to think allows for the overcoming of obstacles and better solutions to the customer or client’s needs. Successful business ideas are a spur of the moment thought. Time for this to happen is critical.

  1. They don’t try to provide too many products or services

Focus on perfecting one product or service until a new one is offered. By providing customers too many services or products at one time, the workforce can be overwhelmed with work and costs can rise rapidly. Adding new ideas is easy, but the key is to focus on the current thoughts. Small changes in areas of focus can have dramatically positive effects on both revenue and customer satisfaction.

  1. They don’t micromanage

Delegation and Motivation are the essential parts of any leader’s role. The ability to delegate amongst the workforce is a crucial trait for any budding entrepreneur. Managing Director, Paul Gillett explains, “By delegating out tasks that my trustful workforce can handle, I allow myself time to focus on the more important matters, essentially doubling the overall working results.”

  1. They don’t outgrow the need for a mentor

Whether a business has been in operation for 5 months, 5 years or 15 years, there is always room for improvement and room to learn something new. In a constantly changing world, the ability to learn consistently is something that every entrepreneur should be open to adopting. There is always going to be someone that can teach, even industry leaders themselves, something. Being open to this teaching and adapting this knowledge to their business, any entrepreneur will be able to succeed.

AJG Direct firmly believe that it is important to stand out in the business world. They encourage their contractors to do precisely this as it allows for recognition and self-development. Standing out as a business not only attracts the customers but also draws in the best candidates to help develop and grow the business and continue the success.

London-based sales and marketing firm AJG Direct, provide clients with an efficient solution to customer acquisition and brand loyalty through energetic, passionate and personalised marketing campaigns. The firm can do this by attracting top talent and offering a business development opportunity to build their skills and knowledge to one-day launch and run their own business.