AJG Direct’s Managing Director Paul Gillett recently sourced inspiration from Jeff Bezo’s and Richard Branson; the strategy change has seen AJG Direct boost engagement and productivity in meetings. 

Boasting a winning team of contractors Mr Gillett is often asked to share his secrets to success.  During a recent interview, the businessman exposed how he became inspired by Richard Branson and Jeff Bezo’s and their approach to running essential meetings.  The firm recently shared the changes that were pivotal to their success:  

  1. Keep the guest list small – Jeff Bezo’s was well known for keeping his meetings small, in fact, he would only invite as many people that could be fed by two large pizzas.  The reduction of numbers allowed everyone a smaller stage to share ideas and review new strategies.
  1. Keep the outcome in mind – Meetings should centre around decision making as opposed to having a discussion.  Gather materials before the meetings begin, allowing full focus to be on analysis and making a final decision on strategy.
  1. Keep everything simple – AJG Direct think firms should try and stay away from PowerPoint presentations in order to allow a more natural environment for creativity and solution based meetings.  This then avoids the inevitable IT issues to slow things down and kill any sense of urgency surrounding the conference.
  1. Keep everyone informed – Share an in-detail agenda before the meeting, this dramatically boosts engagement through everyone’s ability to prepare for the meeting.   Be clear on the purpose of the meeting to raise participation throughout.
  1. Keep everyone involved – By giving each participant an element to look after it ensures that proper attention is given to the meeting boosting engagement and reaffirms any doubt of why thy need to be in attendance.
  1. Keep everything fresh – Location, Location, Location; not all meetings need to take place in the boardroom, choose a change in venue or use an online connection to bring people together from across the globe.  Richard Branson has revealed in interviews, he prefers walking meetings as they force quick and instinctive decisions.

AJG Direct urge all businesses to assess the effectiveness of their meetings in 2018 to maximise the efficiency. 2018 will be a big year for the firm and meetings will be a critical part of strategy development and campaign development. 


Source: https://www.inc.com/bryan-adams/jeff-bezos-steve-jobs-richard-branson-stick-to-these-6-rules-when-holding-meetings.html